Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Creative Material Handling provide?

We provide a range of services to help you with your operation ranging from logistic studies, warehouse /system layout and design, project management / installation management, and system (hardware and software) support.

Why Creative Material Handling?

Creative Material Handling is an independent solutions provider with no ties or obligations to any product vendor or manufacturer which allows CMH to be completely independent when generating a design. We determine the best solution / technologies for our clients and then determine which manufacturers can provide the appropriate products for the best value.

Being an independent solutions provider allows us to focus on our client’s needs without increasing the scope of the project and incurring unnecessary costs.

“Our goal is to improve our client’s profitability by maximizing material handling efficiency.”

What makes us different from other material handling suppliers?

We have exceptional broad base with technical and leadership experience. We have multiple experts for each phase (consulting, design, implementation, and system support) for each material handling project.

We are large enough to handle big projects and flexible enough to meet our client’s needs and manage change efficiently.